Working for America.
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Who is Neil?

Neil Parrott is a father, husband, coach, small business owner, and is currently serving his third term as a State Delegate in Maryland’s General Assembly.

Before starting his own business and entering public service, Neil worked as a traffic engineer for the Maryland State Highway Administration in Frederick County as well as the Deputy Director of Engineering for the City of Frederick.

Whether it’s organizing swim meets or solving difficult engineering problems, Neil will apply the same level of dedication and commitment when he’s elected to represent MD6 in Washington DC.

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To Restore Freedom

Neil believes in election integrity. To maintain our freedoms, elections must be fair and transparent where only legal living voters can vote, and that they vote only once.

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To Keep More of Your Money

Neil will fight inflation. Did you know that your $50 dinner now costs $3 more than last year? If you did not get a 6% pay raise last year, you took a pay cut because the cost to buy goods has increased by over 6% due to inflation. Neil will work to lower inflation by reducing borrowing and spending less.

For Pro-Parent Policies

The culture war should not be waged through our children in the public classrooms in our nation. Philosophies like the Critical Race Theory (CRT) have no place in our schools. CRT is institutional racism. We should work on unifying our country instead.

For Safer Communities

Neil supports our Police and will work to give police the tools they need to successfully protect our communities. Neil supports our right to own firearms. He understands that when help is needed in seconds, the police are often minutes away. Families need to be able to protect themselves, and Neil supports their ability to do so.

To Make America Strong

Neil will work to fully fund the military and help increase our respect worldwide. Ronald Reagan said that we will have “Peace through strength.” After the embarrassing retreat from Afghanistan, the US is perceived as weak, which makes friendly nations like Taiwan, Ukraine, and Poland more vulnerable.

To Improve Transportation

In District 6, North/South roads need to be widened to be able to create safer roadways and better opportunities for high-paying jobs. This includes widening US 219 in Maryland and Pennsylvania, widening I-81 in Washington County, and widening I-270 in Frederick and Montgomery Counties.