Neil Parrott for Congress: Issues

Vote For Neil

To Restore Freedom

  1. Neil believes in election integrity. To maintain our freedoms, elections must be fair and transparent where only legal living voters can vote, and that they vote only once.
  2. Neil believes in the 1st Amendment right to free speech. “Facebook jail” and banning people from Twitter just because of their political beliefs are not acceptable. These social-media monopolies should fall under the control of the FEC to enforce freedom on these platforms.
  3. Neil believes in our Second Amendment Right to bear arms and to protect our family and our property. The first freedom is the right to life or the right to be born. Neil is pro-life and will work to protect unborn children.
  4. Neil believes in medical freedom. There should not be a covid passport that treats a group of people as second-class citizens because they did not get the COVID shot. In addition, people should not be fired from their jobs simply because they would rather not get the COVID shot.

To Keep More of Your Money in Your Pocket

  1. Neil will fight inflation. Did you know that your $50 dinner now costs $3 more than last year? If you didn’t get a 6% pay raise last year, you took a pay cut because the cost to buy goods has increased by over 6% due to inflation. Neil will work to lower inflation by reducing borrowing and spending less.
  2. Neil will work to lower your electricity bill and natural gas or propane costs. He will work to restore our energy independence by allowing the US to harvest our own natural resources and allowing us to use the most cost-effective energy.
  3. Neil will work to LOWER YOUR TAXES. The government is too big and is taking too much of our money. Neil believes you know how best to spend your money, and he will work to let you keep more of your own money.

For Pro-Parent Policies

  1. The culture war should not be waged through our children in the public classrooms in our nation.
    • Philosophies like the Critical Race Theory (CRT) have no place in our schools. CRT is institutional racism. We should work on unifying our country instead. Neil agrees with Martin Luther King, Jr. when he stated that, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Isn’t that what we should be teaching our children?
    • Parents need to be able to see the curriculum and be able to communicate freely with the Board of Education without threats from the government.
    • Biological boys should not be allowed to compete with biological girls in sports. Boys should not be able to steal girls’ scholarships for college athletics.
  2. Parents need to be in control of their children’s education. Neil supports vouchers for parents so that they can choose to pick the best education for their children, whether that is public, charter, private or home schooling. It is not fair that many children are trapped in failing schools, when for less money spent per child, they could be given a much better education.
  3. When students are handed laptops and tablets, controls should be placed on the devices so that they do not have unfettered access to pornography, weapons building, and other harmful websites.

For Safer Communities

  1. Neil supports our Police and will work to give police the tools they need to successfully protect our communities.
  2. Neil supports our right to own firearms. He understands that when help is needed in seconds, the police are often minutes away. Families need to be able to protect themselves, and Neil supports their ability to do so.
  3. Neil supports protecting our borders.
    • Fentanyl is killing Americans every day. It does not come from US sources, but instead, comes across our southern border and from China. We need to plug the holes and work to slow down the import of this dangerous and deadly drug.
    • A very porous, open southern border allows human trafficking to occur without much resistance. We need to protect young people and work to enforce our immigration laws by having a secure border.
    • Illegal alien gang-related activity is increasing and is hurting our communities. Securing our border is a good start to reducing this problem.
    • Terrorists are also able to use our non-secure southern border to easily enter our country. Allowing dangerous criminals easy entrance endangers all of us and must be stopped.

To Make America Strong

  1. Neil will work to fully fund the military and help increase our respect worldwide. Ronald Reagan said that we will have “Peace through strength.” After the embarrassing retreat from Afghanistan, the US is perceived as weak, which makes friendly nations like Taiwan, Ukraine, and Poland more vulnerable.
  2. The United States loses billions of dollars each year due to unfair trade deals that punish America and reward countries like China. Balance needs to be restored by renegotiating our trade deals so that we aren’t taken advantage of and so that we don’t fund the militaries of nations that are opposed to us.
  3. Neil believes that we need to bring manufacturing back to our area. The cleanest manufacturing in the world occurs in the US, and yet we continue to impose more environmental restrictions that send our manufacturing jobs to places like China which produces the highest amounts of pollution. These laws are not helping the environment, but instead, are transferring our wealth and jobs to other countries.
  4. Cyber-terrorism is crippling our businesses and stealing billions of our dollars. In Congress, I will work to bring the full force of the US Military and intelligence community to stop cyber-terrorism attacks and to prevent blackmail payments going to terrorists.

To Improve Transportation

  1. In District 6, North/South roads need to be widened to be able to create safer roadways and better opportunities for high-paying jobs. This includes widening US 219 in Maryland and Pennsylvania, widening I-81 in Washington County, and widening I-270 in Frederick and Montgomery Counties.
  2. The I-70 Phase 4 project in Frederick that would serve traffic going to and from the west needs to be built. This last phase would eliminate the significant delay that motorists experience on westbound I-70 every afternoon going west through Frederick .
  3. Supply chain solutions are needed to get goods out of the ports and to people. The US needs to remove barriers to allow all truckers to be able to move goods from our ports.
  4. Private solutions like Uber, Lyft, Bird, and Lime should be utilized more so that we spend less tax money paying for underutilized public transportation options.